Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frye Boots - vintage, very used but very trendy & stylish

Purchase price $4.99,  SOLD for $325 - $300 profit!!!  (not the actual boots, but very similar) 
This is one of the items I tell people about when they ask "do you really make money selling on ebay"  I bought a pair of Frye boots at a local Goodwill store.  They were $4.99,  I just grabbed them because they looked fairly stylish and they were in my size.  I had them home for a few days, and was actually thinking for just donating them back to Goodwill because I thought the heel was too high for me.  Well I decided to do a quick search on Ebay.  I found some Frye boots selling from $5 to $500!!  I then found the boots I had were Black Label Fryes and classified as "campus, pirate, tall, knee-high, cuffed, riding boots".  I about fell off the chair when I saw a similar pair sell for upward of $300. 
Notice the pic of the "black label" compared to a white label.  You can still sell the white label boots for $100++  -- my mom bought a pair for $9 and I sold them for $127 - a nearly $115 profit.  

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