Monday, November 15, 2010

A little offer for fellow bloggers:) ALSO for fans of shutterfly

I have been using Shutterfly as my online picture printing for years.  I usually get special offers for something including free shipping, certain percentage off, and even freebies:)  They ship in a very timely manner for the amount of pictures I take - usually around 300 prints per order.  My orders arrive in a little over a week, they even have the option of 1 hour photo pick up at your local Target stores.
Not only can you do print basic 4x6 prints, they also have photo books, calendars, mugs, mouse pads and tons more.    I even have a Shutterfly blog with my pictures so my family and friends can view my photos whenever they want.  My parents LOVE the blog, living 6 hours away they can get the grandbaby fix just by viewing:)   What can I say??  I LOVE taking pics of my beautiful family and friends.
SOOO when I received this offer for 50 free holiday cards for sharing my Shutterfly experience with my blog folllowers, I jumped right in!  After all, why not promote a product I love right??

If you are a blogger, you are eligable for this offer too: Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… learn more: 
other links for amazing shutterfly offers include:

·         Christmas cards to
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Thanks for letting me share Shutterfly with you!  

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winter Jackets Sell NOW!! Don't let them collect dust sitting in your closet - turn them into FAST $$$$

Did you just purchase your (or your childrens) winter jacket for this season & your old ones are just hanging in your closet?  Sell them NOW!  Just prior to the first snowfall when the temps drop is when we all prepare by buying our winter outerwear and ebay buyers are no different:)  Columbia, Spyder, Obermeyer, Polaris and Burton are amongst the top sellers.
 I sell USED outerwear this time of year for BIG TIME profits - up to 80% of the retail price.  Most outerwear shows the same dingy wear near the sleeve cuffs, around snaps on pockets & around the entire zipper but you still want to be sure to state that in your listing because this type of wear is hard to photograph.  Also state any other flaws: sticky zipper, missing hood, small tears & scuffing (mostly in snowpants near bottom hems).  Remember to take a lot of pics (ebay now offers up to 12 pics per listing at no additional fees) showing any brand embroidery & stitched details.  Finally don't forget to state the style name, Columbia Convert/Omni-tech/Bugaboo.
I try purchasing jackets, snowpants & snowsuits for under $15 & usually sell them for at least $30 & up to $75++.  A few expamples: