Saturday, December 11, 2010

You have shoes/boots you want to throw out? WAIT it's someone else's treasure!!

Bought these for around $10, sold for $35 = $25 profit!!

Ready for a new pair of kicks?  Sell your old ones so you don't break the bank paying for new ones!! 
I have had a lot of luck selling my old running shoes,  most have had over 100 miles in them.  Most of the shoes that I sell are name brand (Nike shox, Uggs, Steve Madden, Nine West, Sorel & more) and are in relatively good overall condition. 
Make sure the shoes are somewhat cleaned up, you don't want to offend a buyer with something nasty you stepped in last year.
ALWAYS Do Research! You always want to check the completed listings to see if a similar item has sold, see what the condition of the items is, check out the sellers items description to get ideas to put into your listing,  and photo ideas.

Include in your listing the brand, style/design name, size, condition, list any flaws (small holes, scuffs, marks, fraying). 

Here's another idea, list several pair of shoes in a "lot".  I have sold up to 20 pairs of my kids old shoes in a lot for at $2 a pair.  Please watch your shipping, if listing shoes in "lots" the boxes that you ship tend to be kinda heavy.  Get a scale to determain the shipping weight so you don't lose money with shipping.